Workshop Overview

Bullying & Sexual Harassment Workplace Investigations Workshop

Adelaide: 6th March | Sydney: 8th March | Brisbane: 13th March | Melbourne: 15th March | Canberra: 20th March | Perth: 22nd March
When faced with a bullying or sexual harassment complaint, it is usually a sign that something has gone seriously wrong and an appropriate outcome is expected. This creates the pressure to act quickly and effectively both within and outside of the organisation. Scrutiny by the workplace, courts/tribunals and the media of the actual organisational response has never been as immediate, rigourous and complex. Organisationally, industrially and operationally, the stakes are high.   
Responding to and managing bullying and sexual harassment complaints through to an investigation requires a special skill set. Too often, those required to manage such processes and outcomes are ill-equipped to do so having had no practical experience of both the emotional and technical difficulty of handling such processes. 
  • Appropriately receive, respond to and manage bullying and/or sexual harassment complaints; 
  • Identify and implement the causes of the infringing behaviour and most effective response action for better outcomes; 
  • Learn and apply the most effective processes for investigating bullying and/or sexual harassment matters; 
  • Create tailored investigation templates for your business to apply into the future for similar matters and/or train others in your team; and 
  • Develop and hone existing skills through practicing a hypothetical case study and solving common investigation issues.  

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Workshop Leaders



David is a co-founder of Edge Legal. He has particular expertise in industrial relations and safety. David’s advice has a real practical edge to it drawn from experience in various senior executive management roles in the telecommunications, franchising and agriculture industries – even leading one organisation to a National Finalist and Joint State Winner of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) People Management Awards. 

David fundamentally understands the IR system from an employer perspective, having been the Chief Workplace Relations Officer of a peak Employer Organisation where he delivered training to businesses on behalf of the Federal Government following the introduction of the Fair Work Act. He has been instrumental in enterprise bargaining strategy, particularly in organisations with workforces over 500 people and multiple Unions.  


Rod is a co-founder of Edge Legal and has particular expertise in people management issues, industrial disputes and advocacy. Prior to Edge Legal, Rod was the group head of an Employment & Safety Group in a mid-tier firm for 10 years. He also previously worked in a top tier law firm and as a Consultant providing on-site services in the mining industry. This complemented a background in workers compensation law.   

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